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Paris: is the capital of France and hosts the Government of France. With 2,25 million inhabitants in the city it self and over 11 million in the urban areas and forensic cities, makes Paris the largest city in France and the 9th biggest in Europe. Paris held in 2009, without the agglomerates 2.257.981 inhabitants (Parisiens and Parisiennes).

The total surface of Paris including all the agglomerates covers 2723 square km’s. The City is divided by the river Seine. Paris was founded on the island Ile de la Cité, but has grown so much that it now covers an area covering seven hills. The villages in this area are now a part of Paris. Paris is now considered to be, next to London, New York and Tokyo one of the 4 big cities of the world.

In Europe, and the rest of the World, Paris was, already in the early days, considered to be the cultural centre. The city is situated on a junction of all kind of trade routes. Nowadays, the city is very much internationally oriented thanks to an extensive infrastructure by land and air. In 2004, according to the Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de la Capitale Française, a record number of 25 million tourists visited the city.  

Already in the 10th century, when the Notre Dame and a number of abbeys were built, Paris was the most important city of France and a important place for the Christians. Since the 13the century, Paris became the place where education, art and recreation played a very important role. This development is historically a result of the centralist politics which was conducted for centuries during the monarchist and republic periods. It was this type of politics that gave the city its importance. Since the 60s the political policy in France is characterized by decentralization and devolution resulting in a somewhat more balanced proportion within the country.

Paris is located in the north of France, in the region Ile-de-France and on the river Seine. The historical centre is built on two islands; the Ile-Saint-Louise and the bigger Ile de la Cité which is the oldest part of the city. Paris is relatively flat, with a lowest point at 35 meters above sea level. Paris is situated on both sides of the river Seine and on a number of hills; Montmartre, Belleville, Ménilmontant, the Buttes-Chaumont, the Passy and the Chaillot. On the east side of the Seine you will find the Montparnasse, Butte-aux-Cailles and Montagne Sainte Geneviève.

In 1844, the actual city of Paris was separated from the outskirts by the city wall of Thiers. During the latest large annexation of surrounding areas in 1844, the city obtained its current size and from thereon it held 20 districts. During the 1920s the city was once again extended with 9sq kilometres. The parks Bois de Boulogne and Bois the Vincennes were officially annexed in 1929 whereby the city gained its current surface of 105,39sq kilometres. Without these two parks, Paris covers 86,93sq kilometres. Nowadays, the city is separated from the outskirts by a 35km long highway, the Boulevard I Périphérique which connects the historical centre of Paris with the outskirts. Hotels in Paris, France - the best hotel deals, nightlife, tourist attractions and much more in Paris, France.



L'Arc de Triomphe On the Champs d’Elysées you will find the well known building the L’Arc de Triomphe. This very popular attraction in Paris is a must see for tourists visiting the city. read more>

Eiffel Tower The tower is located in the southwest part of Paris and is situated along the banks of the river Seine. It is one of the most famous towers in Europe. read more>

Grande Arche The Grande Arche is a particular building reaching 108 meters high and 112 meters in width. It serves as an office building but is indeed a special tourist attraction. read more>

Hotel de Ville Like every city, Paris also has a town hall. The building is a beautiful and attractive structure and it is recommended to pay a visit to. read more>

Notre Dame de Paris The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, situated on the Ïle de la Cité is a magnificent structure which does best justice when viewed from the square in front of the Cathedral. read more>

The Obelisk The Obelisk is the oldest monument in Paris. Manufactured in 1250 BC in the Egyptian city Luxor and was placed in Paris. read more>

Sacre Coeur The Sacré-Cœur (Holy Hart) is a popular sight in the district Montmartre. About 8 million visitors visit the basilica each year. read more>



Park Asterix

About 30 kilometres north of Paris you find the popular fun park Park Astérix is situated. A park built completely in the spirit of the adventures of Astérix. Known from the same comic Astérix. Next to Astérix you will see his friends and villagers Obélix, Panoramix, Kostunrix and the little dog Idefix on many occasions in this fun park. The park attracts yearly 2 million visitors which makes it the second best visited park in France. Park Astérix is known for the many exiting rollercoaster’s who explain partially why the park is so popular. Especially the Tonnerre de Zeus with its length of 1.23 kilometres will draw you attention. It is the second largest wooden rollercoaster of Europe. But there is much more to do. Like wild water rafting and many more attractions for Young and old. A true family park where everybody can have a great time.

Paris by Coach

A very good way to see Paris is by taking a tour by bus through the city. These special coaches will take you from sight to sight. Tickets are valid all day so you can get of the coach and take a next one later. This way you are free to visit the sights you want. Headsets are available so all information about the historical stories of the city can be heard in several languages. When you only visit the city for a couple of days, this is truly the best way to see lots of Paris in a short time. Day tickets are available at hotels. We advise to make reservations during the busy periods of the season.


Despite the fact that Paris has many inhabitants there is enough space where people can relax outdoors. The city has many parks open to the public. Most of these parks are designed by famous architects. The most famous park is the Parc du Champ-de-Mars. This park lies next to the Eiffel tower and is visited by the many tourists that visit the Eiffel tower. Especially during spring and autumn the park is very lively. Street artists perform their arts and lost of students sit around studying while enjoying the sun. Paris is the greenest city in Europe with where parks and gardens make up 20% of the total space.

Boat trip over the river Seine

Besides viewing the city by foot or bus, it is also a very good alternative to see the city from the water by taking a boat trip on the famous River Seine which runs through Paris and splits the city in two. A number of boarding places are located along the Seine so you can board at different locations. Viewing the city from the water gives a very different perspective of the city. Several famous buildings and sights can be seen from the water. During these trips lots of information is given about the city and the sights you will be passing. Especially with nice weather, a boat trip will give you an unforgettable experience. After the tour, you can afterglow on one of the many terraces located along the Seine. Taking a boat trip during the evening is also a very interesting option. The whole city is lighted by streetlights, special lighting on buildings along and in the vicinity of the Seine. The name of Paris as the city of Light is more than met.






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